What to Know about Physical Therapy

At one point in your life you’re going to probably need some type of physical therapy for your body. There are many who seek this type of assistance when it comes to releasing tension in our bones or regaining functions that happen to be damaged. If you’re wondering exactly what physical therapists do it’s always a good idea to conduct some research. Most have a tendency to get a physical therapist mixed up with other types of medical professions. If you’re looking for a physical therapist here are some things to consider:


Many people discoer that a physical therapist can be found in private practices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, health agencies and even Emergency rooms. A physical therapist can also be working in different settings. Here are the different types of physical therapy you may encounter:

Post-operative care
Wound care
Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab


What a lot of people don’t realize is that a physical therapist can have and probably does have advanced degrees. Most patients can be shocked when they discover their regular therapist actually has a Doctorate degree and attended graduate school to get into the profession. Though years ago, physical therapists could operate with just a bachelor’s degree, however, the industry has grown since and have new educational requirements. Many institutions offer graduate programs that fall in the entry-level three-year Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. In addition to that, a physical therapist must pass a medical board exam to get their license and begin treating patients. You can always find a physical therapy centreville va expert and get your questions answered.

Different States

For those using physical therapist in many states, it’s possible to be treated and evaluated by a physical therapist before seeing the doctor. These particular states have what is called Direct Access. Research shows that a list of states are starting to rely on the practice of physical therapy. This increases the requirement of having an advanced degree when pursuing professional physical jobs. If you reside in Illinois, this is not considered a Direct access state. This location still requires a prescription from the doctor before getting desired treatment from a physical therapist.


Often times, patients can get confused in thinking that a physical therapist cures all your symptoms to your problems. Then they are not in the business of performing magic and this is not possible. Success comes about when both the patient and the therapist join together and create a great treatment program that meets everyone’s goals and needs.

No Pain No Gain

Most physical therapists will probably tell you this is not always true. That said, there are a list of diagnosis’ where the statement may be true such as knee replacement treatment to help range of motion or if you are experiencing a frozen shoulder. Generally, a good portion of the time one’s exercising and treatments should always be mostly pain free.…