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Understanding More About Basketball Picks

Basketball is one of the most common types of sports that many people across the world love playing. As a basketball player, you should be having full knowledge of what is involved in this type of a game and all the basics of the basketball games one of them being the picks in the basketball and how to go about them. Learning about the basketball picks is one of the key ways of increasing your winning chances by giving you more opportunities to score than the other team.

As a basketball player, you should therefore strive to be able to know how to set the picks properly and how to use them in the right way. By this, you will easily break the defense and score more points. There are however so many types of basketball pick options that you can set to give you more chances to score. Some of these basketball picks are discussed below.

The first type of a basketball pick is known as a back pick or the back screen where the off-ball defender sets it behind another defender of the same team. The back picks or screens are meant to give you advantage over the other defenders and thus allowing you to easily reach the basket without a lot of challenges as most of the defenders are caught unaware in the game. Ball picks are also very common and are set by the players in possession of the basketballs.

The other types of the basketball picks are the cross picks or the cross screens which are very helpful in getting a player who was on the weak side of the floor for a shot. The double screens or picks are also very popular and are set by two basketball players side by side. The down screen should also be set by the basketball players to help them easily score against the other opponents. Hammer picks, horns screen, ram screens, staggered screens, set up screens and many others are common types of basketball picks that a basketball player and also the coach should be aware about.

When setting the pick, there are some important things you should put into consideration. One key thing you should do when setting the pick is to spread your feet so as to create a wide base that is hard for the defender to get around. It is also important to make sure that your hips are down and also your knees are bent which gives you great balance and thus difficult for the defender to knock you off. You should also have your back pointing the area that you are targeting.

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