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September 22, 2019

Why You Need a Performance Management System and the Best Ones to Have

By and large, with a good performance management system, you can be well assured to have a system that will be as good to your needs to ensure that you have one that will foster a sense of accountability and have this as an organizational culture going forward with your efforts towards accountability. Generally, with a performance system, you will be in a position to have the team members aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the entire organization and as well centers their attention to the areas of priority that need to be done and have these done within the very set timelines. Management as well is served well with these performance management systems. Management get to appreciate the need for the performance management systems looking at the fact that with them, they will be able to have their focus as well on track towards the key priority areas and deliverables set for a certain period and as such not get sidetracked into those that may not be as relevant overall.

Performance management systems come of various kinds and for a good one, there are some key aspects that they should have. One, a good performance management system should communicate how the individual team members contribute to the success of the entity and how they will be assessed. The other key aspect of a good performance management system is the fact that it is supposed to have integrated the individual goals with the key business objectives and priorities so as to ensure that there is resulted greater focus, better use of the available resources and as well the use of time on the kinds of activities that add as much value and not wasted on the less meaningful activities and undertakings. One other key aspect of a good performance management system is in the fact that it should provide such a comprehensive system for recognizing what gets done and reinforcing how this is to be achieved. They as well need to create a sense of accountability and measuring of progress against the specific goals and how to make adjustments where called for.

By and large, in most organizations, performance management is often a once in a year exercise where there is a review session, one that is never as welcome by all, both the employees and the employers alike. Given this, for you to get the desired results, you need to consider making your performance management an ongoing process and activity like we have in such plans with OKRs, and not just a once-in-a-year event or exercise.

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