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Choosing the Right Document Shredding Company

If your organization deals with confidential and secure information, it is essential that you know you need a proper disposal mechanism that includes shredding of documents and other methods of documents destruction. In the event that you will need to destroy documents, you have to choose between hiring professional shredding services or shredding the documents yourself.

It may seem as cost-effective investing in your own internal shredding system in your organization but you will actually save some money and time in the long run if you hire professionals. However not all shredding services are the same, there is a huge difference in terms of reliability and quality that different shredding services have. Therefore it is important that you keep in mind some of the factors below so as to get the right shredding services.

Before accepting any shredding services, you need ask the type of shredding services a company offers. There are two types of shredding services to choose from, the first one involves your documents being shredded at your premises and is known as onsite shredding. If your organization needs to supervise the shredding the shredding, this is the right service you should choose. On the other hand you can choose the offsite shredding service which is done away from your location if you have limited resources.

Ensure that you ask if the document shredding company is qualified and licensed to operate. The The National Association for Information NAID is the supervisory body of the shredding business. They are mandated to check if the shredding companies are following rules set to define what needs to be done in the critical areas including all from shred size to background check of the employees. It is important that you confirm that a company is certified as many unscrupulous shredding companies will say that they are AAA certified by NAID so that you prevent ant undesirable outcomes.

You should ask for proof that the shredding company really performs background checks of employees. You should never be contented with shredding companies saying that they have a track record of the employees and check their background. Consult an external auditor who will validate their claims and whether they conduct drug tests as well to the employees of the shredding company that will come in to contact with your documents. It is not enough for a shredding company to simply destroy your document, it is equally a necessity that they train the employees on how to protect your confidential documents.

Take time to understand the prices of the services. Some shredding companies have hidden fees but lure you with low prices, understanding the price rates will help you avoid getting slammed with hidden fees. Furthermore, ensure that you pick a service that is within your budget by asking in advance before committing.

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